Does your company find itself writing the same information over and over, day after day? FastPrice is a Windows based pricing and quotation software package that lets you focus on your business - not paperwork. FastPrice makes Pricing and Quoting much easier


FastPrice gives you the ability to develop a price by selecting descriptions from the screen. Once all the descriptions have been selected, FastPrice has everything it needs to print quotations, summary sheets, detail sheets, reports, or purchase orders.


Use FastPrice in-house and at the distributor level to give your company an edge on the competition.


Key Features


Displays Descriptions in Windows

Eliminates writing down descriptions

Eliminates repeated access to your price book


Indicates Proper Selections

Eliminates many recurring decisions


Selection Dialog Boxes

Choose from a list rather than type repetitive information



Eliminates rework

Automatic totals


If you work from a LIST PRICE, FastPrice can automatically

Discount individual components

Discount individual items

Discount complete proposal


If you work from COST, FastPrice can automatically

Mark-up individual components

Mark-up individual items

Mark-up complete proposal


When you select an item from the screen, FastPrice can automatically display

List (Cost)

Recommended Discount (Mark-Up)


Weight (to calculate freight)

Quote Description

Technical Description

Part Number

Product Type


Easily read, uniform output


Summary sheets

Detail sheets

Purchase Orders


Customized to fit your needs

Window layouts tailored to fit your needs


Network Features (optional)

Only one set of pricing data to maintain.  Pricing information is maintained in a database of your choice. FastPrice is compatible with Access, SQL Server or any database that has an open database connectivity (ODBC) driver. Since you will be using a database that you are familiar with, there will be no new database learning curve. This allows you to add, delete and revise pricing information in a familiar database.


FastPrice runs on Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Key Features

FastPrice Key Features