FastPrice is a pricing and quotation software package developed by GSC. The original objective was to eliminate, or at least automate, the repetitive tasks associated with pricing and quoting a multi-component product. We knew that for such a software package to be successful, it had to be easy to use and it had to be fast. FastPrice was named after this last attribute.


We would like to talk a little bit about the term "multi-component product". If the price of your product is determined by selecting the type, style and material of each component, then FastPrice may be the appropriate software for you.


FastPrice gives you the ability to develop a product description by selecting components from the screen. You select the components; FastPrice provides the corresponding list/cost, discount/mark-up, delivery, weight, description and part number. Once you select all the components that make up your end product, FastPrice has everything it needs to print a quotation, summary sheet, detail sheet or purchase order.


Once you have looked at the key features of FastPrice, you may want to visit our download page for a copy of our FastPrice demo.


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